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We help Tech Startups, and B2B SaaS companies to ACCELERATE their Go to Market Strategy and their Revenue Operations by aligning their Sales, Marketing and Customer Success Functions

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World’s leading Sales Performance Platform


Acquired new business by entering new markets in Soho, London
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Starting small with changes, then growing tactically


Build, Integrate and Connect Platform for HCM Product Companies
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Leading reseller of sage 500 in Watford, UK

Sage – ACS APT Systems

Acquired new business through Inorganic Growth
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Frontline Worker Platform in Silicon Valley, US


Acquired by Atheer. Reshaping the customer experience to drive Product adoption
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Tekdi Technologies
Leading Open-Source Technology Solutions Company

Tekdi Technologies

Growing Sales Pipeline during times of change
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BigFish Benefits
Award winning Rewards and Recognition Platform in India

BigFish Benefits

Adopting new ways of working, to align Marketing and Sales
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Feature Rich SaaS Learning Platform

Vowel LMS

Using Sales methodology to drive Sales Agility
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Leading Joomla CMS Solutions Company


Using Sales data to improve Sales Performance
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Experience Matters

Transformations need ACTION.

Transformations need an outside in view of
understanding what success looks like. Our Strategy Acceleration Program converts your Business Strategy into action by focusing on Smarter Marketing.

Smarter Marketing communicates VALUE.


marketing that touches.


Acquired new business by entering new markets in Soho, London

Xactly has led the market by being bold and having the courage to transform. Xactly’s Marketing Intelligence suite is used widely by customers globally for Sales Planning, Forecasting Management, Pipeline Management, Incentive and Compensation Management and for guided Revenue Intelligence.

During its growth phase (adoption) salesmethodz engaged with Xactly to reach out to new Markets in the Mid Market and SME Markets in UK and the European Union
  • Sales outreach to target markets in UK and the EU.

  • Departed from the usual ways to reach new Customers

  • Operational shifts to move conversations beyond Sales Operations, into the realms of Sales Intelligence

  • Managing change effectively through new Marketing initiatives

  • Leading change, by helping Sales Reps to forecast more intelligently and predictably

  • Helped customers to leverage their Sales Compensation Plan

  • Helped Tech Customers to realize the value of Sales Intelligence

  • Lead generation increased to 46% QoQ

  • Product Revenue increased by 23% QoQ and 29% yearly

  • Transformed top SaaS Businesses in UK by moving Incentive Management as a tech based process

Sage – ACS APT Systems Pvt Ltd

Acquired new business by entering new markets in Soho, London

ACS is a leading sage 500 implementation and consulting partner based in Watford, UK.

In 2016, Intuit and QuickBooks were seeing a lot of growth and adoption in UK’s Mid Market and SME Business. Brexit was round the corner. ACS wanted to retain their existing Business in Soho and enter new markets in Midlands.

ACS was largely growing organically, and the directors wanted to consider other options to achieve inorganic growth.
  • Designed and Developed a new SEO ready website

  • Established a successful inbound lead generation strategy using Mailchimp

  • Created a lead generation strategy to penetrate new markets using sources like FD Center and London Chamber of Commerce

  • Consolidated ACS’s existing alliance with sage to become a preferred Reseller/Consulting Partner in Watford/Hertfordshire and Midlands

  • Moved from a, "if we buy it they will come," narrative to a SOLID Value Proposition

  • After implementing a Marketing 360 strategy, lead generation picked up contributing to top of Funnel goals

  • Lead generation increased to 37% QoQ

  • Product Revenue increased by 17% QoQ and 15% YoY

  • Consulting Revenue increased by 23% YoY

  • Marketing funnel strategy in the Mid Markets and SME business contributed 16% to Net New Business

  • Achieved 100% Account Retention rate in 2016


Starting small with changes, then growing tactically

Wikkerwork acquired by Digital Cues provides HCM Consulting and Software Development Services to leading HCM Vendors. The founders of the company had prior experience working in saba and they were looking to leverage their Product Engineering, Product Management and Product Consulting experience in the US, UK and EMEA.

Their vision was to
(a) Provide affordable consulting to saba’s global customer base
(b) Provide readily available Packages, Modules, Connectors to HR Tech Products
  • Coached, Mentored and Trained a Sales team on B2B Tech Sales.

  • Worked closely with Product Engineering and Product Management teams to articulate Vision, Mission and Strategy

  • Led a GTM strategy to work with leading System Integrators like Accenture, ADP and SAP

  • Led a GTM strategy to work with leading iPaaS Platforms like SAP Hana Cloud, and Mulesoft

  • Led a strategic initiative to create alliances with Zapier, and other HCM Marketplaces

  • Worked with Product Management teams to execute the strategic vision of the Founder Team

  • Part of the team that led the strategy from “Vision, Strategy, to MVP.”

  • Participated in HCM Tradeshows to meet and demonstrate MVP’s

  • Created a strategic alliance with a large HCM Vendor

  • Led e-mail Marketing campaigns and LinkedIn Marketing Programs to reach out to target markets in the US and UK

  • Test cased, early Pilots

Flype acquired by Atheer

Reshaping the customer experience to drive Product adoption

Flype acquired by Atheer is an AR powered frontline worker platform that augments teams with knowledge, expertise, guidance and instructions they need to do great work.

Prior to Flype’s acquisition by Atheer Inc, Flype was being positioned as a Product Success/Customer Success/ Platform in the lines of walk me (a salesforce company) and whatfix.

Flype was moving from roadmap to release, and the founders wanted to drive SaaS Product Adoption with their technology
  • Identified potential market from a “Product – Market” fitment POV

  • Creating “Buyer Personas” for the target markets in US and UK

  • Coached and Mentored a young sales team that came from a consulting background

  • Led Marketing campaigns using Hubspot CRM to create Market awareness

  • Led the GTM Strategy, Sales Strategy and Pre-Sales support to bootstrap the business

  • Hosted Trade Shows and Tech events to move prospects from the awareness stage to interest

  • Signed Pilots with large MNC’s in India and Europe.

  • Increased Website traffic to bring more footfall to the CRM and the landing pages.

  • Positioned Flype to large MNC’s like Unilever, Engie, Schneider, Siemens, Lupin, Wockhardt & Zycus

  • Mentored and Enabled the Sales and Pre-Sales Teams

  • Managed “ambiguity "and “change "as the Founders realigned their Product positioning to Investors in the Silicon valley

  • Successfully moved from "Pilot to Pivot."

Tekdi Technologies

Growing Sales Pipeline during times of change

Tekdi Technologies is a boutique Software Development Services company based in Pune. Prior to the Pandemic, the company had not invested in recruiting, training and developing talent for any of their Business facing functions.

The pandemic brought unique challenges, including recruiting and training fresh hires who were new to the Business facing skills and competencies the role demanded. Setting up a new Sales and Marketing team and ramping them up quickly was important for Tekdi Technologies.
  • Recruited, coached, and enabled a Sales and Marketing Team right from scratch

  • Created a Sales and Marketing Playbook to prospect, sell and close high-volume sales deals

  • Led the Company’s Branding, Marketing and Sales strategy and vision working with the founders

  • Repurposed all Communication channels including corporate website

  • Led the Content Marketing team and created a content calendar for all stages of the Marketing funnel

  • Closed high value Sales deals in India and the US

  • Designed and defined the company’s vision statement with new taglines, “your next.”

  • Increased US footprint for Joomla Services Business with Net New Logos

  • Increased Company revenue by 15% YoY

  • Created Winners, who now confidently lead all critical Business facing Functions.

  • Aligned Product Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Product Support and Customer Success Teams and created a SOLID FIT


Using Sales data to improve Sales Performance

Techjoomla is a leading Joomla CMS DevOps with more than 100k plus subscribers. In the last few years as WordPress started picking momentum, Joomla followers started switching to WordPress or other plug and play platforms.

The Founder team in Techjoomla had created a very dominating position for their company and believed in Joomla as a very secure and a scalable platform. They were looking for someone to anchor their existing market, lead business facing teams and bring new content and marketing out look to navigate towards their vision
  • Created, “SMART’ Marketing goals to execute a “TARGETED” Growth Marketing Program to increase Product Sales

  • Designed new Landing Pages for all Products to increase traffic and footfall

  • Introduced new Marketing Programs by starting a Webinar Series with other Joomla Experts and Specialists across the globe

  • Created affiliate Marketing Programs to cross sell and upsell Techjoomla products

  • Led the Company’s Content Marketing strategy through all Direct, Indirect and Social

  • Increased Newsletter subscribers and added new followers on the Company LinkedIn Page

  • Improved Product Renewal and Retention rates

  • Orchestrated change through 360-degree Marketing Campaigns

  • Created a Marketing Playbook to drive Platform engagement and Sales

  • Mentored and Enabled a Functional Sales Team

  • Created and Optimized Landing Pages for e-mail Marketing Campaigns for Techjoomla Products


Using Sales methodology to drive Sales Agility

VowelLMS is a feature rich SaaS Learning Platform built to scale and designed for modular adoption. The company had good presence and customer base in India.

While there, they were looking to expand their install base in India, and they wanted a blueprint to create and execute a GTM strategy to increase their presence in International markets.

They were led by a very visionary Founder team but needed a senior anchor that could steer them towards their growth plans and vision.
  • Created a GTM strategy and a Sales Playbook for the Marketing and the Sales team to execute on Vision

  • Created Best Practices for Lead Generation, Pilot to Pivot moments and Trial Signups

  • Migrated their CRM Program and Campaign Management to Zoho

  • Enabled Partners and Support / Customer Success Teams to confidently pitch Vowel’s Value

  • Designed and curated a new look website to communicate Product Value

  • Led the GTM strategy and personally led the Product Market fit strategy and communications

  • Enabled Business Value communication with Vowel’s Partners

  • Enabled the Sales and Pre- Sales Teams with know how and job specific skills

  • Won new accounts in domestic and international markets like US, Middle east

  • Created a valuable alliance with a strategic consulting form in India

BigFish Benefits

Adopting new ways of working, to align Marketing and Sales

BigFish Benefits is an award-winning employee rewards and recognition platform.

The company was founded by a visionary team of founders who were running awards and recognition programs offline.

When they invested in Sales, they hired a Sales team that did not have Tech Sales background. Marketing was hired to an external agency that did not have a B2B Tech Marketing background
  • Coached, Mentored and Trained a Sales team on Tech Sales

  • Coached, Mentored the Sales team on Sales Strategy, Sales Processes, Pre-Sales, Solution Selling, Relationship Sales

  • Coached and mentored the Sales teams to use Zoho CRM to manage their Sales Pipeline, understand the Marketing Funnel and the Marketing stages

  • Provided strategic direction to an external Marketing Agency for Content Marketing and email Marketing, Social Media Posts

  • Coached, Mentored a young Sales team

  • Created a Sales and Pre-Sales Playbook for Customer engagement and Sales Demos

  • Added 3 new logs in the first 6 months

  • Lead generation increased by 30% in the first quarter as a result of weekly Sales Cadence

  • Launched the international GTM during and post pandemic

  • Provided strategic support and know how to work with a strategic alliance in the US.