Innovate Sales

salesmethodz works closely with you to Support, Guide and Lead your Buisness functions to help you Acquire, Retain and Grow your Customers. Just like Product Engineering,  Sales is a Science and too often this reality is ignored by decision makers. Design thinking plays a very critical role in Brand Design, Business Model Design and Marketing. Relying on Superstars is always an option but there are other ways to predictably scale and grow your Business.  Ubiquity of  Technology, Innovation in Digitization and Analytics and fast adoption need a fast paced Marketing and Sales Strategy that is aligned with your Brand Equity.

Successful Companies build a Business culture based on Process, Methodology and Structure. This culture reflects on your Brand, builds your Customer's confidence quotient and inspires them to engage with you at a different level altogether. This equilibrium is often, unique.


Our Story - Meghan - Founder

Every Business has a beginning and a story and just as yours, we have ours. We realized that in the Digital world everything changes everyday and while change is good, sometimes too much change could mean a complete revamp of your existing Business Model. Successful Product Companies are built on a robust Business Model and as your Value Proposition changes your Business Model needs to change. The journey of "change" is a complex one and needs you to have a clear line of sight of your Products and your Market.

And though in reality everything changes everyday what doesn't change are the basic needs of understanding customer requirements and the art of story-telling. We have tons of inspiration to inspire yours.

Meet the Team

At salesmethodz, our People make our Business Go because people know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.


Andrea Smith

Business Director

Andrea is a passionate Business Director who specializes in getting Start-ups off the block. Andrea holds a Master in Business from the Oxford School of Marketing and in her free time she does cycling and rock climbing.


Sarah Taylor

Brand Director

Sarah is all about Personal Branding and Brand Equity. Sarah drives the Branding Strategy for salesmethodz. She holds a Masters from the London School of Economics. Sarah loves to hang out by the Pool on weekends.


Mary Clarke

Marketing Director

Mary is the Marketing Director of salesmethodz and leads the Marketing and Brand Design functions in salesmethodz. She is an ex National Hockey Player for Team GB and hangs out @ Campus Google in her free time.

Think Design...

We predict that Technology transformation will change the Business landscape globally and the only competitive leverage will be your ability to differentiate your Brand...