Leverage your Business Momentum...

Join us for Confluence 2019 Pune @ the J W Marriott on 26th July 2019 @ the Chairman's Boardroom...4.00 pm


The sun rises and sets on the quarter.

The deals we forecast slip every quarter. Most of our Marketing resources get flushed every quarter and we are usually back to square one at the beginning of the next. Too many Executives give up too easily if they miss a quarter. They think they have lost both the leverage they had as well as the momentum. Momentum is a funny thing. Our Marketing assets, the SEO, the backlinks, the content, our Social Media presence and customers who advocate our Brand, they don't leave us and neither does the energy we store in our flywheel.

In Business and in real life, change is often hard. Everything changes every single day. In the VUCA world what you do today is good as long as the day lasts. Marketing and Sales have changed phenomenally over the past few years. The one to many Marketing model has given way to one on one personal Marketing and Sales have revolutionized and reinvented to a level where the Sales Funnel has been replaced by the Flywheel theory.

Remember, the flywheel was first used by James Watt over 200 years ago in his steam engine, the invention that powered the Industrial Revolution. It is highly efficient at capturing, storing, and releasing energy. Using a flywheel to describe our business allows us to focus on how we capture, store and release our own energy, as measured in traffic and leads, free sign-ups, new customers, and the enthusiasm of existing customers. It’s got a sense of leverage and momentum. The metaphor also accounts for loss of energy, where lost users and customers work against our momentum and slow our growth.

salesmethodz is extremely happy to announce their World Tour Program, an effort to share Insights and collaborate with Strat-ups globally to provide them a platform for success and growth by internalizing best Sales and Marketing practices around the globe.

Join us for Confluence 2019 in Pune @ the J.W. Marriott to meet Serial Entrepreneurs, Founders, Industry Leaders come under one roof and discuss challenges in the VUCA economy and how a step back approach can fulfill a daunting gap.